If it could only be like this always; always Summer, always somewhere far from the city and always with great company. And With the sun shining through an open sky and the taste of seawater just as the cool ocean breeze sweeps sand off my skin, I had that feeling that life was beginning all over again with Summer.

The setting sun’s reflection on the waters felt like clarity; ingesting our bodies slowly within it’s cool waters. And at that moment, there’s no other place I’d rather be, but just here, simply floating on the waves, observing the blue sky and the orange clouds above me and I hear my friends’ endless laughters and this was one of the most beautiful sunsets Ive ever seen. The sun was red-orange, almost neon and larger than the usual; the best part was how we saw it clearly sink and disappear on the horizon within just a few seconds. It was surreal like magic.

Hype of the night when all of us gather and just talk and endlessly laugh at almost anything. We’d transfer to the sand, and just lay blankets and stare at the night sky and imagined anything. At one point, everything else was silent and Lee had started the campfire. We turned off all the lights, leaving the night sky and the campfire to be the only thing illuminating the beach. I had a magnificent realization and knew it was really existing; that I was in a dome stretched out over me and the galaxy was infinitely beautiful because of the countless twinkling stars on the sky. I could stare at it forever, it was too captivating, calling my soul towards its infinity-making me wonder what it really is like to be up there- and then I think of my grandfather, could he be possibly one of those stars I see? No one knows.

I saw a couple of shooting stars, I tried to think fast of what I really would want to wish for, but I was uncertain. All I wanted was that night to have lasted longer. I positioned a sleeping bag under that big tree over the wooden platform and drifted to sleep until the 6am sunlight woke me up.

4.26.14 Calayo Cove, Nasugbo, Batangas.

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