“Our winter melts under these summer skies, the seasons change but our hearts will stay the same.” 

I’m high from your breeze, drunk by your waters, burned by the sun and wasted from the memories you leave. Night has become day, sending us far, far away. Warriors we were for days. This was my first Laborday experience, and this is what it feels like. No words will ever be sufficient for me to narrate these five days of being stranded on this island of full energy and life.

Since our arrival at 6pm last night, the sun was slowly showing it’s light, I couldn’t grasp how fast the night passed. We just settled by the balcony of our room overlooking the beach before we decided to move to the shore. We stayed at ORINDA, it was Don’s resort. We are located in Station 1, although far from most of the action, I’m much thankful that we had privacy and the front beach all to ourselves. It doesn’t feel clustered and crowded here compared to staying in Station 2.

I barely slept that morning, I mean how can I when I am in Boracay facing such an awesome beach and the aqua blue waters were just calling every bit of me to dive in. By ten I was already soaked, I didn’t feel sleepy or tired at all even though I just had an estimate of three hours to sleep. It’s impossible not to drift away here; I did’t notice I was too far from the shore already; my face just above the water, and my feet could no longer touch the ground and it actually feels really nice. I feel both the heat of the sun and the coolness of the sea. I could stay here all day.


Two afternoons were spent with my childhood friends all the way back from Bacolod., I made another quick escape to spend time with them. Its difficult not to spend time with these girls you spend most of your life with already. I finally tried FRIO LOCO! They knew where this was stationed so thank goodness! I got the Lime Margarita, single shot only, it was so good and too perfect to be brought to our next stop.  We had plans to go Sunset Sailing and I was much up for an activity while in Boracay, and I’m definitely a sucker for sunsets and the waters and being with these girls just made it oh so perfect.

It was absolutely the most breathtaking view and moment of this trip. We were so far away from the island that the only thing we could hear was how the waves collided with our boat. We could still see the shore in such a wide panoramic view; party lights flashing everywhere, people all over the place  and the setting light of the sun over this magical Island. It was so serene and peaceful.


Our last day came fast, I woke up at noon, despised how I didn’t feel my alarm so I missed the morning. I must have taken too much to drink last night which put me to a good deep sleep.I definitely had to swim again and floated away to the part where the waters were Aqua Blue in color. I reached Nami Resort just by swimming. Floating on watching the sky while submerged in sea water was incomparable to anything; Can I never leave? I love the ocean too much.

We had Pina Coladas and Frozen Margaritas at Pearl of the Pacific that afternoon. A beach trip for me is never complete without that foamy, coconut-pineapple drink! This was a good afternoon spent over good conversation, food and drinks! Steve Aoki happened that evening; there was so much jumping, dancing and fist-pumping in the air like the night never ended. It was the ultimate Summer Party, we went home at 5:30 in the morning, and the sun was starting to rise.

I’m always trying to savour every bit of moment in this island, especially the ones that take such parts of yourself with them. For this instance, it was already recalling all the events that took place in a matter of days mixed with the anxiety of leaving today.   In a way, I can say I’m also glad to be going home. I guess I’ve got burned out by the intensity of all that has happened in just a matter of four days. I feel tired, and would like to get some rest, but my mind and body still feels a streak of energy.

The ride back home was bittersweet, as Carlo and I agreed upon it. There are trips that are just made of pure fun memories, and there are those that are made with an extreme mixture of both the things we would have wanted and not thus leaving us with a series of thoughts to think about on the ride back; I guess trips like these are the ones that will always make a significance inside because they leave traces.

The sun may set, and our tans will fade, this summer shall pass but the memories made here will definitely last, even the blurry ones. All in all this was one hec of an awesome trip on a rollercoaster, but I am glad it happened the way it did. I guess this is the point of travelling; I soon realize that no journey carries one far unless it goes an equal distance into the world within ourselves.

Happy Laborday! I had an epic blast! Did you?

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