Dreaming in Positano & the Amalfi Coast

April 11, 2018

I guess this is what it feels like when your Pinterest board suddenly becomes a reality right in front of you through the sight of pink, beige, yellow, and terra-cotta houses cascading down the side of the coast and into turquoise Mediterranean waters. For so long, Positano and the Amalfi Coast had been at the very top of my list of dream destinations over other famous cities, and now I’m finally here with @mari_regalado.

It’s almost impossible not to get captivated by this cliffside town’s incomparable charm. Positano is without a doubt an exquisite and romantic destination to live out the Italian dream.  Afterall, these are the first few days Mari and I are spending as an official couple already, that is boyfriend-girlfriend of course(lol).

Back track to how this trip started: shortly at the near end of 2017 after our @sweetescape escapade in Tokyo, we we’re in talks of doing a trip to Europe since I was already going to be here ahead with family, so why not meet and have our own itinerary after that? It was still kinda surreal that we were both finally here after four months of excitement and dreaming. It was one of those days where everything was more than just picture-perfect for once.

So yes, this is our honeymoon(stage).

Arriving in Positano | Bag @babeabouttownph


How we got to Positano & Amalfi:

We took a flight from Paris to Naples, Italy. From Naples Airport, we picked up our car that we pre-booked from orbitz.com and took an hour drive to Sorrento, where our Airbnb was located. From Sorrento, Positano is about a 30-minute drive, while driving to Amalfi was about close to an hour. You can also get to Positano & Amalfi by a bus or a ferry from Sorrento. Our drive to and from both these towns had been so smooth and scenic. It is relatively easy to get here and it is almost impossible to get lost. Apart from Google maps, there was sufficient road signs everywhere.

How many days we spent in South of Italy:

When we worked on our itinerary for Italy, we decided it was best to start south and work our way up since it was easier to depart back to home from the airports up north.

Day 1: Arriving at Naples, Italy. Drive to Sorrento

Day 2: Drive to Positano

Day 3: Drive to Amalfi, take a boat tour  to Positano

Day 4: Leave Sorrento. Depart for Rome

To be honest about our Itinerary, we could have done both Positano and Amalfi in one day and could have explored to Capri on the next. Nonetheless, it the trip was breezy and it is still one of my favorite parts of our entire Euro trip.

Our drive to Positano had been so scenic and breathtaking in our top down Opel Cascada. The sun was in the sky and you can see endless blue waters shining over the cliffside road. In spite the twisting & winding roads and encountering other vehicles and buses through sharp bends, our drive was very enjoyable. Parking was a bit of a challenge to be honest but when we found an improvised spot, we set on foot and found our way down through stairways of stones and made our way down to the beach.

Now, talk about all those stairs. Positano is basically a vertical town set on a cliff so be prepared to encounter a lot of climbing and walking. We found ourselves stopping to catch our breath at some point so before you plan a trip here, consider if all members are well and fit enough to do some cardio work. I could not imagine having my grandma here.

Best lunch with the best view at Cafe Positano

Navigating our way around with @tepwireless.

Positano may be a small village but we only had one day to explore it so we didn’t really have the luxury of time to just wander and get lost. We navigated quickly and easily with Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi which provided us consistent and fast internet connection all throughout our trip. We had our cellular devices on roaming but we lost signal in some parts of the trip. I highly recommend not to rely only on your cellular data as this could be expensive and inconsistent as well. Tep Wireless was very convenient for us since we could get pretty spontaneous at times so Googling and mapping our way around was quick and easy.

Afternoon coffee at Le Sirenuse Hotel.

Where and what we ate in Positano:

The Amalfi Coast is known for their seafood dishes like Spaghetti Vongole as well as their lemon products- that’s right, lemon everything and everywhere like lemon candies, lemon cake, lemon sorbet, lemon liquer, even lemon on your seafood (lol).

Buca Di Baco Dating back to the early 1900’s, Buca di Bacco is one of the oldest establishments in Positano. We had brunch here because it had direct access to the beach front. We had their version of bacon and eggs, crepes with orange syrup, local lemonade, and coffee with whip cream. Their lunch and dinner menu specialises in Amalfi-Coast cuisine and fish dishes.

Café Positano We actually intended to eat at Da Vincenzo but it was closed for the day so we ended up here at Café Positano which was just right beside it. We had such a breathtaking view of the coastline while we enjoyed our lunch. We had Spaghetti Vongole, Mixed Grilled Seafood, Limoncello(lemon liquer), and a very refreshing fruit shake of berries. Our lunch amounted to about almost 80 euros; one of our most expensive yet most memorable and most delicious meal of the trip. For someone who doesn’t really like eating seafood, Mari really loved the mixed grilled seafood dish and it was certainly on the top of his list. It was a mix of local fish, shrimps, and shellfish. The fish was very soft and the lemon butter sauce was splendid. To be honest, it was a simple dish but it was made to perfection from flavor, texture, and quality.

 Le Sirenuse Hotel I intentionally wanted to go to this hotel for I have been seeing it in Pinterest for years! This luxury boutique hotel is just oozing with charm and was very picture-perfect in every corner. Seeing as we took time here, I decided to have afternoon coffee here and finally tried Positano’s famous Delizia Limone (lemon cake). You can find this traditional sponge cake bathed in lemon cream all over Positano but the one I had here in Le Sirenuse was pretty delightful. I still dream of tasting that cute little cake again. Although, I think it was slightly overpriced but it was definitely worth the view.

Brunch at Buca Di Bacco

Brunch at Buca Di Bacco


Cruising the Amalfi Coast. | Earrings @arete.ph

A trip to the Amalfi Coast would not be complete without a boat ride experience. It was one of those moments wherein my heart stopped as soon as I saw the entire stretch of the coastline from the water. On our first day in Positano, we inquired how much a private boat ride would cost, however it was not available as it needed to be booked a day ahead. The only boat tour available was a group trip from Positano to Amalfi which cost around 65 Euros per person. We passed on the offer and hoped to get a better deal at Amalfi instead on the following day, and we did! We walked a few meters from the town’s main central area and down to where the boats were parked just a few meters past La Marinella restaurant and then found a booth for boat rentals. We were able to book a private boat for 2 hours for only 50 Euros per person.

Dream place with my dream boy, @mari_regalado

Our boat man, who spoke English very well, brought us from Amalfi to Positano. We passed several other small villages on the way back to Positano while having a local bottle of Rosé, which helped us keep warm as the winds were pretty chilly as it was a cloudy day. The boat ride was very scenic and it was definitely my favourite part of this trip. For as long as I could remember, the Amalfi Coast had been my dream destination and cruising through it with Mari seemed so unreal but then again, we made this trip a reality and here we really are. It was one of those humbling moments that I felt eternally grateful for where life has take me/us. All I could do was breathe in the cool air and absorb every moment of floating in the Amalfi Coast.

Do check out our little same day edit video at the end of this post to get a feel of how dreamy this day was.

Fiordo di Furore. We actually passed this bridge on the way to Amalfi. It marks the entrance to a little fishing town called Furore. I wish we made the effort to stop, park and go down to this little town. It’s also quite a charm on it’s own in spite the lack of land mass.

Where and what we ate in Amalfi:

Trattoria e Pizzeria

Driving to Amalfi was longer and we arrived there just in time for lunch so we were starving. We an appetizer of mixed shellfish and squid, lasagna and a classic Pepperoni Pizza. That squeeze of lemon juice really makes all the difference!


Lemon Sorbet and gelato at the town square

We had lemon sorbet before our boat ride, it was refreshing after having a full lunch.  We found too many gelaterias around the town square that it was almost impossible to just choose one so we came back for another spot after our boat tour.


Almost anywhere you eat in Italy is good. It’s always difficult for us to decide where or what to eat as the options are so abundant. Sometimes we Google where to eat, yet sometimes we just go where the wind takes us and check out the menu if we’re in the mood for it. 





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